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Anyone involved in a car accident understands that remembering every detail surrounding your accident can be a difficult task.

However, in Mobile, AL, accident reports provide multiple benefits for parties involved. 

Methods to Obtain Car Accident Reports in Mobile, Alabama

For an accident occurring in Mobile, AL, you may obtain a police report in a few different ways.

Your personal injury attorney may help you obtain a copy of your Mobile accident police reports through these methods. 

Request Online 

The Mobile police department provides an option for individuals to obtain Mobile police reports online.

In these situations, head to the Mobile police department website and enter your case number and other requested information.

The Mobile police department charges $10 for all accident reports in Mobile, AL.

If you do not recall your case number, the other identifying information that may be provided is the car accident’s exact location.

The Mobile police department accepts all major credit cards for online purchases.

The police department then emails accident reports to you within 48 hours of your initial request.

If additional information may be required, the Mobile Police Department contacts you for that additional information. 

Request By Mail 

You can also obtain a copy of your Mobile, AL accident police reports by mail.

Mail your request along with payment in the form of a check to the 

Mobile Police Department Records
2460 Government Blvd.
Mobile, AL 36606

The Mobile Police Department receives approximately 6,000 requests for information, such as Mobile police accident reports, each month. 

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Download Your Car Accident Report from the State of Alabama’s Website

If you were in a car accident that occurred inside or outside the jurisdiction of the Mobile police department, you will most likely be able to download your Alabama accident report through the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency’s website: Crash Report Request Page

To download your car crash report, you will need to provide one of the following: (i) your ALEA case number; (ii) the first and last name of a driver in the crash; or (iii) their driver’s license number. Copies of crash reports cost $17 each.

For detailed instructions how to download an accident report from the State of Alabama’s website, you can read our blog here.

Why Are Mobile, AL Accident Reports Important? 

A Mobile police accident report represents a vital form of information after a car accident. Mobile, AL police accident reports provide the following data:

  • Date, time, and location of the crash;
  • Whether the crash was fatal;
  • Driver information, including name, address, phone number, driver license, and insurance information;
  • Vehicle information;
  • Whether there was property damage;
  • Arrests or citations issued by a police officer; 
  • Passenger, injury, and fatality information;
  • A written narrative of how the crash likely occurred; 
  • A drawn diagram of how the collision occurred; and
  • Witnesses’ names and contact information. 

Investigations by police typically represent unbiased observations of a car accident. Therefore, the Mobile police accident report serves as a vital piece of information for your personal injury attorney.

The details provided within the report assist a personal injury attorney in building a case for negligence on your behalf and arguing fault in your car accident. 

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