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If you get into a motor vehicle accident on the interstate highways or state roads in Alabama, the Alabama state troopers will investigate the crash. They will also create a crash report that includes the details of the crash and the involved parties.

The Alabama accident report from the State Troopers plays a crucial role in your claim. For example, the crash report can help explain why you are not at fault. This can directly affect how much an insurance company offers you.

Fortunately, the Alabama state trooper’s–aka the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA)–makes it easy for you to obtain a copy of an accident report in Alabama.

You can obtain your Alabama accident report in two ways:

  1. on the accident reports section of ALEA’s website, and
  2. by requesing the accident report through the mail.

In this article, the Alabama car accident attorneys at Fob James Law Firm will go over the details on how to obtain your crash report from ALEA.

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How to Get Your Alabama Accident Report Online

The Alabama Department of Public Safety offers a Uniform Traffic Accident Report through the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency [ALEA] website. Follow the steps below to download your Alabama Crash Report.

1. Enter Your Contact Information and the Reason For Your Request

First go to ALEA’s crash reports page. You will first need to click the “I am not a robot” box and the blue “Next” button.

The following screen (see below) is where you will enter your contact information and select the reason you are authorized to purchase your report. If you were involved in the crash you should check the first bubble: “An individual involved in the crash, i.e., driver, passenger, pedestrian, etc.”

2. Search for Your Crash Report

Click the blue “Next” button and you will see the screen below that asks you to select the method to search for your crash report. You can search one of three different ways: Name, Driver License Number, or Crash Report Number. Click on one of the three choices and enter in the requested information.

  1. Crash Report Number – This is the seven digit crash. If you do not know your crash report number you can request it by emailing highway.patrol@alea.gov.
  2. Driver License Number– You can search for the accident report by entering the driver license number of a driver.
  3. Name – Or you can enter the first and last name of a driver involved in the crash.

3. Select and Pay for Your Crash Report with a Debit or Credit Card

After you select the accident report you wish to purchase, click on the blue “Next” button to go to the payment screen. You can pay for your accident report by credit card. The cost, including credit card fees, is $17.00.

Keep in mind that it takes up to 10 business days from the date of the crash for accident reports to be available online.

How to Get Your Alabama Accident Report By Mail

To get your report by mail, you may mail a certified check or a money order to the Alabama Department of Public Safety along with a Crash Report Request Form which you must fill out.

Make sure to include the names of drivers involved, the location/date of the accident, and the driver’s license number of each driver.

Print the form and send it to the following address:

Alabama Law Enforcement Agency
Crash Reports
P.O. Box 1471
Montgomery, AL 36102-1472

Accident reports via mail from the ALEA cost $15.00 per copy.

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