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Some of the most disgusting and gut-wrenching cases we encounter are nursing home abuse cases.

The abuse of elderly persons that cannot defend themselves is pure evil.

If your loved one is a victim of elder abuse or nursing home hell, you should contact the Birmingham, Alabama nursing home abuse attorneys at the Fob James Law Firm.

While there is no way to truly right the wrong of a nursing home or elder abuse, pursuing a civil claim against elder abusers is important.

Simply put, these wrongdoers should be exposed and punished so that it does not happen to anyone else.

Unfortunately, nursing home and elder abuse is rampant in Alabama.

Approximately 1 in 10 Americans age 60 and older have experienced some form of elder abuse and over half of the violent cases are perpetrated by a caregiver.

According to the CDC, Alabama ranks third in the country in homicides against senior citizens. Many injuries, including death, are caused by the negligence and wantonness of nursing home employees—the very persons who you rely on to provide care for your loved one.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our Birmingham nursing home abuse lawyers for immediate assistance.

What To Do If Your Loved One is a Victim of Nursing Home Abuse

If your loved one has been injured in a nursing home or assisted living facility due to negligence or wantonness committed by your loved one’s caretakers, you can pursue a claim against the caretakers and/or their employers in the state of Alabama.

Nursing home abuse and negligence come in all shapes and sizes, including conduct such as failure to diagnose and treat infections or diseases, purposeful infliction of harm, or failure to provide prescribed medications.

Even if you do not know what caused your loved one’s injuries in a nursing home, you should contact an Alabama nursing home abuse attorney immediately.

In nursing home cases, the preservation and collection of evidence after the incident is paramount and should be done immediately.

Often, the cause and extent of your loved one’s death are not known until the conclusion of a thorough investigation. 

You should be vigilant when it comes to your loved one’s care and never blindly accept the nursing home’s explanation, justification, or excuse for any abuse.

Contact an Experienced Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

The Fob James Law Firm has experience investigating and aggressively litigating nursing home abuse claims, and in some cases, we’ve caught the nursing home red-handed trying to cover up the abuse.

If you need help in any way related to the potential abuse of your loved one, please give us a call at (205) 407-6009 or send us a message.