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We're aggressive Birmingham trial attorneys fueled by our passion for people like you. We take fewer cases than other personal injury law firms in Alabama. This is so we can provide the utmost care to your situation. Although we have the resources of a large personal injury firm, we serve you with the attention and compassion of a small injury firm.

We work day in and day out to achieve justice and a top-dollar settlement for you. Whenever you need an update on your case or a listening ear, you can call your attorney day or night, 365 days a year.

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  • Multi-Million Dollar settlement Securities Fraud
  • High Seven Figure settlement Nursing Home Abuse
  • $2,450,000 settlement Breach of Fiduciary

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We help our clients with the following case types, but please reach out if you don’t see your situation listed.

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Client Testimonials

  • I and eighteen other families were involved in a land dispute with a multi-national company twenty years ago. A Lawyer made a presentation to us saying it would cost well into six figures and we could lose. After much prayer, We, on two occasions, contacted a well-known law firm out of Montgomery, Alabama to represent us. They chose not to take our case but recommended Fob James in Birmingham saying there are three things about him which are: Number one: He is a Christian. Number two: He will not take your case unless he thinks you are right. Number three: If he takes your case, he will bite in like a Bull-dog and will not let go until you get the answer. We found these three things to be true, know our prayers were answered, as Fob negotiated on our behalf without having to go to court and eighteen families received fair market value for our homes and property. I highly recommend the Fob James Law Firm.

    - Milton E. Pointer

  • It's a comfort when you find a personable, hardworking, and knowledgeable lawyer to represent you when dealing with the aftermath of an auto accident. Dillon Hobbs took the time to explain the process of dealing with the insurance companies and answered all my (many) questions with patience. He is a friendly and approachable person, and available at every stage of the legal process from start to finish. I would not hesitate to consult with Dillon Hobbs in the future and I give him my highest recommendation.

    - Mary Maxwell

  • Knowledge with wisdom. Fob James IV has a gift for applying knowledge with wisdom. When I needed someone to act on my behalf, Fob represented me fiercely, but with a wise approach, and was able to reach a positive resolution of my problem. He communicated very well with me and for me. I would highly recommend Fob James IV.

    - Becky

  • Attorney Fob James did a great job representing me in my bodily injury claim against a municipality. Attorney James walked me thru the process and kept me informed every step of the way. He also thought of ways to add value to my case. Above all Attorney James was always available and responsive to my calls, even on nights and weekends.

    - York Hicks

  • Fob James Law Firm has been a blessing. From the first time I called the attorneys were kind and always listened. They kept me informed at all times. I could not ask for better attorneys or people. Words do not describe how well my case was handled by Attorney Dillon Hobbs.

    - John Walden

  • I was attacked by a dog and had a chunk of flesh bitten off. I can't speak highly enough of Fob James Law Firm. Fob took the insurance company to court and got me policy limits.

    - Susan P

  • Outstanding Job. Hired Fob…for advice on how to handle a fraudulent cyber attack and potential litigation relating to the securities business. Excellent service and insights.

    - Mal

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