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  • I and eighteen other families were involved in a land dispute with a multi-national company twenty years ago. A Lawyer made a presentation to us saying it would cost well into six figures and we could lose. After much prayer, We, on two occasions, contacted a well-known law firm out of Montgomery, Alabama to represent us. They chose not to take our case but recommended Fob James in Birmingham saying there are three things about him which are: Number one: He is a Christian. Number two: He will not take your case unless he thinks you are right. Number three: If he takes your case, he will bite in like a Bull-dog and will not let go until you get the answer. We found these three things to be true, know our prayers were answered, as Fob negotiated on our behalf without having to go to court and eighteen families received fair market value for our homes and property. I highly recommend the Fob James Law Firm

    - Milton E. Pointer

  • Outstanding Job. Hired Fob…for advice on how to handle a fraudulent cyber attack and potential litigation relating to the securities business. Excellent service and insights.

    - Mal

  • Fob James is a hard-working and knowledgeable attorney to whom I have referred personal injury cases. I trust Fob will put his clients first and pursue the most favorable outcomes on their behalves.

    - Dillon Hobbs

  • Knowledge with wisdom. Fob James IV has a gift for applying knowledge with wisdom. When I needed someone to act on my behalf, Fob represented me fiercely, but with a wise approach, and was able to reach a positive resolution of my problem. He communicated very well with me and for me. I would highly recommend Fob James IV.

    - Becky

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How to File a Diminished Value Claim in Alabama

It’s no secret your car loses value the longer you drive it. Unfortunately, after a car accident, your vehicle will be worth even less than usual. If your vehicle sustained damages after a collision, you may be able to file a diminished value claim to recover compensation. What Is a Diminished Value Claim in Alabama? A diminished value claim allows you to collect damages for your vehicle if it was damaged and its value has decreased. There are three types of diminished value: Immediate: the difference in your vehicle’s value before the accident and after the repairs; Inherent: the most common type, pertaining to the loss of value simply due to the collision; and Repair-related: the value lost from poor repair work following a car accident. When it comes time to trade in or sell your vehicle, it is likely to be challenging. Nowadays, it’s impossible to hide a car’s previous history. Your auto accident will undoubtedly be revealed, along with the repairs, and the vehicle will be worth much less. Even if the car is perfectly repaired and looks like new, the fact that it was involved in a collision remains.  How to File a Diminished Value Claim in Alabama Alabama is one of few states that allow drivers to file diminished value claims. The statute of limitations for diminished value claims in Alabama is six years from the date of the accident. Diminished value claims are brought against the at-fault driver or their insurance company. You may file a diminished value claim in Alabama unless: You were at fault for the accident; The damage was due to something other than the auto collision; or You are an uninsured motorist.  An attorney can help you file your diminished value claim. They will contact the at-fault party and their insurance company, as well as calculate your vehicle’s value. Your attorney may consult with outside parties to accurately calculate the diminished value. After the at-fault party’s insurance company reviews your diminished value claim, they will either deny the claim or offer a low settlement. In either situation, your attorney can communicate back and forth with the insurance company to reach a favorable outcome. How to Prove Diminished Value Proving the diminished value of your vehicle can be challenging. You can consult various resources to try to come up with a calculation, but every situation is different. Many factors go into proving diminished value, including: The accident itself; The damage your vehicle sustained; How old the car is; The make and model; and The current market. It is best to consult with an attorney to help prove the diminished value of your vehicle.  Contact an Alabama Car Accident Attorney Navigating a diminished value claim on your own can be quite the task. There is plenty that goes into these claims, but an Alabama car accident lawyer will know best how to handle it. They can help calculate the value of your diminished value claim and communicate with the insurance company to help reach just compensation. The Fob James Law Firm has over 40 years of experience helping clients after auto collisions. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you attain a favorable outcome. Contact us today, and let’s discuss your case. 

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How to Get a Copy of Your Accident Report from the Bessemer Police Department

If you were involved in an accident in Bessemer, Alabama, you may be starting or in the middle of a claims process. To successfully recover for your injuries, you need to provide documentation supporting that claim. One of the most important pieces of evidence to prove fault in an accident is the report that the responding officer fills out after he or she assesses the scene. Here is a short guide on how to get that report from the Bessemer, Alabama police department.  Where Can I Get My Accident Report? There are two ways to obtain a Bessemer police accident report: Via phone at (205) 481-4350, or In person at 1700 Third Avenue North Bessemer, Alabama 35020. You will need to provide proper identifying information to get the right report, as well. This may be the report number, your name, driver license number, vehicle plate number, the date and time of the accident, the location of the accident, who was involved, your mailing address, your phone number, and your email. In short, be prepared. Bring or have ready all the information related to the accident that you can.  How Much Will It Cost? In Alabama, certified copies of Bessemer police department reports cost around $15 for the report itself, along with a $2 processing fee. Overall, you can expect to spend under $20. However, the accident report is only one part of a successful personal injury claim. Do I Need to Speak to a Lawyer? If you are involved in an accident that required a police report, it was likely a serious matter. You probably suffered injuries and significant car damage, and need proper compensation to recover. If you need to file a personal injury claim or have issues with the insurance companies, you will need the help of a lawyer. In fact, your personal injury attorney can obtain a copy of your accident report for you, along with other important evidence to prove your claim. You do not want to risk undermining your recovery in any way, and a lawyer can guide you through the personal injury claims process to take away all the guesswork. Injured in a Car Accident in Alabama? Call the Fob James Law Firm Today! If you were injured due to someone else’s negligent driving in Alabama, you are probably feeling scared and confused. The medical bills are piling up, and you may be unable to work. At the Fob James Law Firm, we are here to help. Our experienced team of personal injury attorneys has your back during the entire claims process, and will fight for every penny of compensation you deserve. We take pride in providing each client personal and diligent legal representation from the beginning of the process to the end, no matter what. We also offer potential clients a free case evaluation to discuss their possible legal claims. Call us at 205-407-6009, or fill out our online contact form to set up an appointment today.

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How to Obtain a Copy of an Accident Report in Talladega, Alabama

Police officers are well trained and experienced to respond to car accident scenes. After an accident, they will survey the accident scene, compiling all relevant information into a car accident police report. Because accident reports can be an integral part of your car accident claim, you will likely need to request a copy.  Luckily, it is quick and easy for you or your car accident attorney to obtain a copy of your accident report. Where to Look for an Accident Report You can purchase a copy of your car accident report in multiple ways. You can typically get an accident report online, but you may also be able to obtain one in person or by mail.  The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency provides copies of car accident reports. You can request a PDF copy of your accident report for a $17 fee ($15 for the crash report and $2 processing fee). Keep in mind that most accident reports will not be available online right away. Some reports could take up to 10 business days to become available for purchase.  Talladega Police Department: How to Obtain an Accident Report Many wonder where to get a police report for a car accident. Because local police officers often complete car accident reports, you can typically get a copy directly from the police department. To obtain a copy of your police report after a car accident, contact the Talladega Police Department administrative division at (256) 362-4163. Why Do You Need a Police Report? Car accident police reports can be extremely beneficial to your case for various reasons. Firstly, police reports contain plenty of information about the accident, including: Date; Time; Location of the accident; Driver information; Details about the accident from the police officer’s point of view; Information regarding property damage and injuries; Weather conditions at the time of the crash; and Any citations given at the scene. The information in a car accident police report can be useful for your car accident claim. Proving who was at fault in your accident may be difficult, but an accident report may shed some light. The other driver’s insurance agency will try to limit liability to avoid paying for the accident. A police report is an unbiased document that will likely show who was liable for the accident, making it challenging for the other side to argue against it. How an Attorney Can Help Get an Accident Report If you have a car accident attorney help you with your claim, they will handle all aspects of your case, including: Conducting a thorough investigation; Proving liability; Communicating with the insurance company; and Engaging in settlement negotiations; Part of an attorney’s investigation includes obtaining a copy of the car accident police report. They will use this important document to fully understand how the accident occurred, what/who contributed to the accident, and the resulting damage and injuries. Accident reports are a valuable piece of the car accident puzzle. The Fob James Law Firm specializes in helping accident victims when they need us most. With over four decades of experience, our team knows how to properly handle your case to protect your rights and reach a fair resolution. Our firm offers a personalized experience, taking on fewer cases to give clients our full time and attention. Let’s work together to get you the compensation you deserve. We offer free case reviews. Contact us today. 

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