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Attorneys need evidence to file car accident claims.

Eyewitness testimony represents one of the most persuasive kinds of evidence used by attorneys in their claims.

Claims may devolve into a “he said/she said” situation in which the party with the most credible witnesses will prevail.

Therefore, if you are involved in a car accident, a car accident witness statement is of the utmost importance to support your claim.

Car Accident Witness Law

In Alabama, a car accident witness generally has no legal duty to stick around and give a statement.

However, if a witness provides a statement under oath, they must tell the truth.

Truthfully telling the events to their best ability is an important car accident witness responsibility.

If a witness statement is falsified, the offender can be subject to the Class C felony of perjury, which can lead to a whole year in prison. 

Who Can Be a Witness to a Car Accident

You can call anyone who observed a car accident to give a witness statement supporting your claim.

This could include other drivers and pedestrians nearby. You may wonder, Can a passenger be a witness in a car accident?

Yes, because they witnessed the accident that occurred. However, you must consider the credibility of the witness.

Car accident claims need credible witnesses. The most credible witnesses have zero stakes in the car accident beyond seeing it happen.

This means not knowing anyone involved on either side.

On the other hand, a passenger of a car involved in a car accident is often a friend or relative of the driver, so a jury may view them as biased.

Whichever side has more credible witnesses has an advantage over the other, possibly compelling an early favorable settlement before trial. 

How to Find a Witness for a Car Accident

Your first concern after a car accident should always be your own physical safety and health. After you take care of this, you should secure evidence, including witness statements.

You can find people who witness a car accident most easily right after an accident happens.

People will usually be hanging around the site of the accident, and some will be willing to give a witness statement right away.

Prioritize them first, and if you can’t get their entire account, always make sure to get their name and contact information.

This step is essential. Your attorney will need the contact information of witnesses to get complete statements from them to use in your case.

Finding witnesses after the crash can be difficult.

However, in some cases witnesses can be found through obtaining the police department investigative file; reviewing the body camera footage; or reviewing the 911 call transcript.

Of course, the old fashion method of knocking on doors of nearby businesses or homes can yield positive results.

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