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When you present a claim under your insurance policy, you deserve the compensation your coverage entitles you to receive.

Unfortunately, some insurance companies unfairly withhold payment or refuse to negotiate. If you file a claim and find yourself in a dispute with your own insurance company, you need a legal advocate on your side.

Hiring an attorney for insurance claims is the best course of action. At Fob James Law Firm, our insurance disputes lawyers are well-versed in these situations and will protect your rights.

Common Types of Alabama Insurance Disputes

Insurance disputes can arise in many types of claims. But some of the most common involve property and business owners. A typical scenario is when you own a home or start a business and disaster strikes.

Perhaps a hurricane or tornado destroyed your home. Or a fire ravages your new business location or rental properties you own.

Other types of property disputes we handle include:

  • Wind damage,
  • Structural damage,
  • Equipment failure,
  • Flood claims,
  • Contents loss,
  • Ingress and egress disputes,
  • Hail damage,
  • Business interruption claims, and
  • Other property damage.

Another common dispute involves undervaluing claims, typically due to the use of claims software.

Many adjusters rely on programs like Xactimate, which are notorious for lowball values that are not realistic estimates of your repair costs or damages.

Victims of claims negatively impacted by lowball software valuations have filed multiple lawsuits.

These are very stressful situations. When your own insurance company turns its back on you, it can feel like you are on the verge of losing everything.

These stressful times are when you need an attorney that handles insurance claims. Pursuing a dispute against your insurance company can be complex.

You have the right to demand what you’ve paid for, but you should not attempt to handle cases like this on your own.  

Potential Insurance Exclusions

If you search online for “insurance lawyers near me” and set up a consultation, be sure to bring a copy of your applicable insurance policy to the meeting.

Identifying potential coverage exclusions are crucial to determining whether you have a valid dispute claim against your insurance company.

There are two main types of policies:

  • All-risk: Covers everything unless the policy specifically excludes it; and
  • Named perils: Only covers events named explicitly in the policy.

Your insurance carrier will likely argue the reason for denial is due to a policy exclusion. Some of the most common exclusions we see include when:

  • The damage was intentional, or the property owner contributed to the loss;
  • The payment should be issued under a different policy;
  • The policyholder misrepresented some element of the property when initially purchasing the policy;
  • The damage is not covered due to an event that could not be anticipated, such as war; or
  • The damage was not due to an accident or event but rather due to natural wear and tear.

If your insurance company alleges one of these exclusions or has another reason for denying your claim, we will work tirelessly to prove that their alleged exclusion doesn’t apply.

Contact an Attorney for Insurance Claims

When you retain the Fob James Law Firm, you will be represented by an experienced attorney that handles insurance claims.

We provide compassionate yet aggressive representation. We aren’t afraid to stand up to insurance companies engaging in bad faith practices.

We understand the tactics these adjusters use. We will fight to hold them accountable when they mistreat policyholders.

If your insurance company has wronged you, contact our insurance disputes lawyers today to learn how we can assist.

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