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A dog bite is medically dangerous and emotionally traumatic. In many situations, injuries from the bite lead to a personal injury legal case.

If a dog bites you in the state of Alabama, there are several things you should do to fully report the incident. 

We suggest that you immediately report the dog bite to the police. As part of this step, gather information about the incident. You should also report the bite to a medical professional.

Finally, be sure to contact an attorney to represent you in your dog bite case.

Report the Dog Bite to the Police

For your safety and the safety of others, call 911 to immediately notify the police if a dog owned by another person bites you.

You should also call 911 if the dog owner or person in control of the dog is threatening you.

You can call the non-emergency local police number in Alabama if the incident is over and you do not feel in danger. Either way, file an official police report to report a dog bit in Alabama. Be sure to get the report number.

Report the Dog Bite to the Alabama Department of Health

If you were bitten by a dog and think it may have rabies, fill out an Alabama Department of Health Rabies Exposure Report. You will want to fax the the form to your local county health department.

Take Photographs at the Scene

Pictures help in explaining facts in a report. If you can safely do so, take pictures at the scene of the dog bite incident. These should include photos of:

  • The dog(s) involved,
  • Your injuries,
  • The surrounding physical location (buildings, yard, etc.), and
  • The dog owner/person in control of the dog.

If you can’t take pictures at the scene, take a picture of your injuries as soon as you can.

Get Information About the Dog and Its Owner

In a car accident, you may know to gather information at the scene as you wait for the police. In a dog bite situation, you also need to collect information. This includes:

  • The name of the owner of the dog; 
  • The name of the person in control of the dog, if it is someone other than the owner;
  • The name and breed of the dog; 
  • The name of the dog’s veterinarian; and 
  • The dog’s animal control license number. 

Sometimes a dog owner tries to leave the scene without sharing their information. If this happens, take a picture of them and the dog if you can.

Seek Medical Attention

Along with reporting your dog bite to Alabama law enforcement, you should report your dog bite to a doctor.

Evidence of your medical care is part of your legal case and dog bite report. Also, a physician can decide if you need additional medical care.

You should seek emergency medical care if you have a serious injury, such as several bites or lots of bleeding, or if a stray dog bites you. Your safety is a priority.

Contact an Alabama Dog Bite Lawyer

Contact an experienced dog attack lawyer after a dog bite incident. Under Alabama law, you can seek compensation if a dog owned by another person bites and injures you.

A dog bite is not a minor incident in our state. It is a legal case, and you should have representation. Begin the process by reporting the dog bite. Then reach out to Fob James Law Firm. 

Alabama law places a lot of responsibility on dog owners. If their dog bites someone, there are ramifications.

In serious cases, the police may charge them with a crime. Animal control will contact them, and they may have new licensing rules to follow.

Your focus must be to protect your rights and stay safe. Report a dog bite and seek legal representation even if the dog owner asks you not to.

Fob James Law Firm: Your Dog Attack Lawyers in Alabama

Fob James Law Firm will represent you in a dog attack case. With over 40 years of experience advocating for victims, our attorneys know what it takes to obtain a higher settlement.

We give you the attention and compassion you deserve after an injury or loss. We take fewer cases than other personal injury law firms in Alabama, so we can provide the utmost care to your situation.

Although we have the resources of a large personal injury firm, we serve you with the attention  of a smaller firm.

We care about your safety and your rights. We will help you get the compensation you deserve. If a dog bite or dog chase injures you, do not wait. Contact us for a free case review.

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