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Drinking and driving is never a good idea, even if someone is under the legal limit.

Alcohol impairs your judgment and slows down your reaction time. The decision to get behind the wheel can have disastrous results and cause drunk driving injuries to everyone involved.

If you were injured by a drunk driver, you might have the right to pursue a claim for damages.

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While victims can suffer any number of injuries, some are more common than others. Here is a look at some of the most common drunk driving injuries.

Spinal Injuries

Our spines are fragile, and any accident can put the spine at risk. Minor accidents can cause painful disc herniations and bulges, while serious drunk driving wrecks can result in catastrophic spinal cord damage.

When the spinal cord is damaged, you could be paralyzed. The level of spinal injury determines whether you are a paraplegic or quadriplegic.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Brain injuries are also common injuries from drunk driving. Your head may strike something in the vehicle, or the force of the collision can cause the brain to hit against the skull.

Even seemingly minor brain injuries such as concussions can have serious consequences. The more serious the brain injury is, the more devastating changes you will see in the victim.

For example, a traumatic brain injury can cause emotional, cognitive, and hearing losses that result in the victim’s inability to perform necessary life tasks or resume working.

Internal Damage

Some of the most common injuries from an accident aren’t visible because they are internal.

Without prompt medical care, these injuries can prove fatal. Many internal injuries can be life-threatening, such as organ damage and internal bleeding.

Soft Tissues

Soft tissue injuries can result from even minor drunk driving wrecks.

For example, a rear-end collision can create a jolt, causing your neck to quickly move back and forth. That sudden extended motion can result in whiplash. 

Not all soft tissue injuries are immediately noticeable either. You may leave the accident scene and not feel any pain right away. However, it is common to notice neck and back pain later or when you wake up the next day.

Don’t assume soft tissue injuries won’t require a visit to the doctor. Some soft tissue injuries can linger for months or become worse over time.

It’s essential to treat any inflammation right away and get on a physical therapy regimen to regain your strength and muscle tone.

Also, the drunk driver’s insurance company can use a delay in treatment to their advantage. If you wait weeks or a month to seek medical treatment, the adjuster will claim another event led to your injuries.

Limb Injuries

Depending on the collision’s severity, you could sustain a broken limb or have one crushed in the vehicle. Limb injuries are often severe and require immediate medical attention.

Some bone fractures may result in chronic pain, especially if you delay treatment. A crushed limb could have catastrophic consequences, leading to amputation.

Lacerations, Contusions, and Road Rash

Many things can cause lacerations to vehicle occupants, including broken glass and flying objects. Bruises or contusions occur when your body strikes against something in the vehicle or vice versa.

Road rash is less common in vehicle collisions. However, it can happen when someone is ejected from the car or the vehicle rolls, and your body makes contact with the concrete or pavement.

Road rash is widespread in drunk driving wrecks involving motorcycles and bicycles.

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