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If you’ve suffered a severe injury because of someone else’s negligence, you need a personal injury lawyer in Birmingham that you can count on.

You may be feeling the pressure to pay your bills while out of work. As a result, you might want to get the fastest settlement possible.

But jumping at the first offer an insurance company makes you will almost always end badly.

Your financial losses can continue for years, but once you accept that lowball first offer, you can never go back for more.

At Fob James Law Firm, we are committed to providing you with the utmost care and concern. That’s why we take fewer cases than other personal injury law firms.

Having a smaller caseload allows us to devote as much time as possible to your case.

We work hard every day to deliver justice for accident victims in Birmingham and throughout Alabama.

Take the First Step Toward Winning the Fastest Settlement

The fastest way to settle your personal injury case is by talking to an experienced Birmingham personal injury lawyer right away.

Only an experienced lawyer will know what immediate steps to take so you can receive a settlement as fast as possible.

Waiting to see what an insurance company will offer you before contacting a personal injury lawyer is not the most effective strategy to collect a fast but fair settlement.

Insurance companies settle when it’s in their best interest to do so. They might offer a nuisance settlement offer to get rid of your case quickly and cheaply if you don’t have a lawyer.

However, that number might be much lower than you need to compensate for your costs and losses.

On the other hand, a successful personal injury lawyer in Birmingham, AL, understands how to build a case that convinces insurance companies that settling for a just amount is their best option. 

We know you’re under a lot of stress after your accident. Being out of work is stressful enough.

The physical and emotional pain you’ve endured because of another’s negligence can feel insurmountable.

If you find yourself in this situation, you might think your only option is a fast settlement so you can pay off the bills that have piled up.

By talking to a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer in Birmingham, you may find out that you have other options.

Why a Fast Settlement Can Be Dangerous

You could miss out on making a full financial recovery by accepting a quick settlement.

You cannot go back and demand more money if you find out that you have permanent or long-term injuries after you settle.

Let a Birmingham, Alabama, personal injury attorney review your case before it’s too late. You may find that you are eligible for a more substantial award after a thorough case review. 

Experience Plus Dedication Equals Results

We pride ourselves on representing people like you who suffered an injury through no fault of your own.

That’s why we represent our clients aggressively and passionately.

We work hard to ensure that you have the best chance of making a full financial recovery. Our award-winning attorneys will always have your back.

Call us today, risk-free, at 205-851-3546 for more information.

Remember that we never collect a fee unless we are successful in getting you compensation. 

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Fob James

Fob James obtained a B.S., in software engineering from Auburn University and then continued his education by getting his J.D. from Vanderbilt University School of Law. After working for a large regional firm for several years where he obtained awards for both individual and corporate clients, Fob found that his passion was fighting for individuals who have been seriously injured or wronged by others. Fob believes that the jury is the great equalizer to the power and influence that large corporations have in society.