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While many medical malpractice cases go unnoticed, there are a few which garner national attention due to their results or circumstances.

Famous medical malpractice cases often show the lengths that victims might need to go to get the compensation they need.

They also usually highlight the nuances of state laws applicable to the case. Whatever the case may be, they almost always show the importance of hiring a skilled medical malpractice attorney with extensive experience in personal injury.

Here are some of the most famous medical malpractice cases in U.S. history and the events leading up to them.

Applewhite v. Accuhealth, Inc. — $172 Million

In 2014, a jury awarded Tiffany Applewhite a judgment against New York City for poor medical advice. The case stemmed from an incident in 1998 when Applewhite went into anaphylactic shock due to the injection of steroids for an eye issue.

When her heart stopped, her mother called 911. Unfortunately, the fire department paramedics arrived without the equipment they needed to help. 

When Applewhite’s mother tried to take her daughter to the hospital in her own vehicle, the paramedics told her to wait for another ambulance.

It took nearly 20 minutes for the next ambulance to arrive. As a result, Applewhite suffered severe brain damage, causing permanent paralysis. She could no longer walk or talk and required ongoing care. 

Jane Doe No. 1, et al. v. Johns Hopkins Hospital, et al. — $190 Million

Also in 2014, a jury awarded 8,000 plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit $190 million for the sexual misconduct of a former Johns Hopkins Hospital doctor.

In this case, authorities found out that gynecologist Dr. Nikita Levy was secretly taking photographs and videos of his patients during examinations using a pen camera.

When Johns Hopkins Hospital found out about his conduct in 2013, they fired him.

During their investigation, police found more than 140 images and 1,200 videos of patients in Levy’s home. Just a few days after they found the evidence, Dr. Nikita Levy committed suicide.

When the case finally resolved, each plaintiff received anywhere from $1,876 to $27,934.

Allan Navarro v. Michael P. Austin, et al. — $216.7 Million

This 2006 settlement is one of the largest in U.S. history. A jury in Florida awarded Allan Navarro more than $216 million in damages after misdiagnosis led to severe brain damage.

In August 2000, Navarro visited the emergency room when he began having the symptoms of a stroke. Even though he told the doctor that his family had a history of strokes, they prescribed him painkillers for sinusitis.

The following day, Navarro had to go to the hospital again for emergency surgery to reduce brain swelling. 

Navarro spent almost three months in a coma because of the incident. When he regained consciousness, Navarro had significant damage on the left side of his brain, causing limited cognitive and physical ability.

As a result, he was permanently disabled, being confined to a wheelchair and having difficulties swallowing food.

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