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(Camp Lejeune, North Carolina – July 1, 2023) – Fob James Law Firm’s co-counsel, James Foster, recently conducted an in-person inspection at Camp Lejeune. To effectively advocate for our clients in this litigation, James needed to see Camp Lejeune for himself, including the areas impacted the most by the toxic water.

He started his inspection by going to the site of the infamous laundromat that allegedly polluted the water between 1953 and 1987. Only a fool would believe that the laundromat was the sole source of the unprecedented levels of carcinogens that caused immeasurable harm over decades to tens of thousands of people.

As James inspected the area on base near the laundromat and Major Furniture Appliance store, he noticed a section enclosed by a tall construction-like privacy fence. A sign was posted on the fence with the EPA’s logo and the description “ABC ONE-HOUR CLEANERS SUPERFUND SITE”. A super fund site is a site that has been designated by the government to contain hazardous and dangerous materials.

In pursuit of the truth, James attempted to enter the super fund site but was immediately stopped by an EPA federal agent. Doing what a trial lawyer is trained to do, James began questioning the agent. Eventually, the EPA agent (who was clearly not happy we were there) stated: “this is where it all happened”.

This encounter raises a host of questions:

  • What exactly “happened”?
  • What is the EPA doing on base?
  • Why is the EPA on base in 2023 when the hazardous waste was allegedly remediated in 1987?
  • What toxins did this super fund site emit into the water?
  • Has this super fund site harmed veterans and civilians on base after 1987?

Although we do not know all the facts, thanks to James’ on-site inspection, we now have additional questions to ask the government in the discovery phase of this litigation. And hopefully, we will get the victims the answers they deserve.

Below are additional pictures from James’ visit to Camp Lejeune:

Camp Lejeune, NC
Camp Lejeune Base in North Carolina
USMC Combat Wounded Veterans Monument at Camp Lejeune, NC
USMC Fallen Brothers Monument at Camp Lejeune, NC
Camp Lejeune Monument

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