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Accident reports in Huntsville, Alabama are officially titled “Alabama Uniform Crash Reports.” The Huntsville Police Department use accident reports to report the details of a car accident and store helpful information about the parties involved in an accident.

The police officer reporting to the scene records these details in the Huntsville crash reports. A personal injury attorney can help you obtain your Huntsville, AL police accident reports if you file a lawsuit related to your car accident. 

Ways to Obtain Your Accident Report From Huntsville Police Department

There are two ways to obtain your accident report after a crash. Option one is to head to the Lexis Nexis website and purchase a copy of your report.

This option costs $18.00 and after you select the jurisdiction where the crash happened and the correct police department, you will need to enter only one of the following, the crash report number, the name of a driver, and the date on the date the accident took place; or the last name of a driver and the street name they live on. 

The second option is to request a copy of your report in person from the Records Division. This option costs $10.00 and you will need to provide a valid ID, the accident number, and the date and location of the accident. For more information about this option, call (256) 427-7020.

The business hours to get a copy of your accident report both from online and the Record Division is Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. 6 p. m.

Car Accident Reports Outside of Huntsville, Alabama

If you were in a car accident that occurred inside or outside the jurisdiction of the Huntsville, Alabama police department, you will most likely be able to download your Alabama accident report through the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency’s website: Crash Report Request Page

To download your car crash report, you will need to provide one of the following: (i) your ALEA case number; (ii) the first and last name of a driver in the crash; or (iii) their driver’s license number.

Copies of crash reports cost $17 each.

For detailed instructions how to download an accident report from the State of Alabama’s website, you can read out blog here.

Information Provided 

Alabama law requires that individuals file their Huntsville, AL police accident reports in the following circumstances: 

  • If anyone is hurt or killed in the accident,
  • If there is more than $250 in damage due to the accident. 

A police officer reporting to the scene of an accident understands whether a Huntsville accident report may be required. 

You may wonder what accident reports in Huntsville, AL, provide. Your Huntsville, AL police accident report offers necessary information regarding your car accident.

These details include the date, time, and place of the car accident. Additionally, the accident report provides contact information and statements from drivers, witnesses, and passengers.

The report may also furnish details regarding injuries suffered at the scene of the accident and property damage to vehicles and other property. 

How Is a Huntsville Car Accident Report Useful?

If you file a lawsuit for injuries or damage resulting from a car accident, obtaining a copy of your Huntsville police department accident report may be a valuable tool for your attorney.

Your attorney may use your accident report when negotiating with insurance companies or the attorney representing the other party in your lawsuit. 

A police officer creates the accident report with an unbiased view of the details surrounding the accident. Therefore, these details may make it more difficult for another party to dispute the accident’s facts.

Additionally, your car accident attorney may obtain witnesses’ contact information to assist in building a solid case on your behalf. 

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After suffering a car accident, you may be wondering how best to obtain information surrounding what happened. Details and memories fade over time.

If you’ve suffered a significant injury or trauma after your car accident, you may not remember anything surrounding your car accident.

Therefore, obtaining a copy of accident reports in Huntsville, AL, reflecting your accident’s details helps your attorney build your case. At the Fob James Law Firm we focus on personal injury cases, including car accidents. We provide our clients with fast and aggressive litigation.

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