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The Problem With Exactech’s Knee And Ankle Implants

In August 2021, Exactech quietly began recalling defective devices, containing Exactech Knee and Ankle Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene.

In February 2022, the company expanded the recall to include “all knee and ankle arthroplasty polyethylene inserts packaged in non-conforming bags regardless of label or shelf life,” according to Exactech’s recall notification.

The recalled devices include specific OPTETRAK®, OPTETRAK Logic®, and TRULIANT® tibial inserts and components, as well as VANTAGE® fixed-bearing liner components.

The recall includes total knee replacements and total ankle replacements with components and inserts made of polyethylene.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classified this as a Class II recall, according to Exactech.

Exactech has acknowledged early wear due to the liners and components. The company’s recall announcement includes a letter to surgeons, indicating the “Optetrak Knee system has shown statistically significant higher overall revision rates as compared to other TKA’s in the Australian, United Kingdom and New Zealand registries.”

The company’s letter also states, “surgeons should maintain an appropriate index of suspicion for patients with any new or worsening pain, inability to bear weight, grinding or other noise, swelling, or instability in their knee or ankle.”

How Did Exactech’s Implants Become Defective?

Beginning in 2004, the Exactech’s defective devices came in vacuum bags missing a secondary barrier layer.

The second layer, when present, contains ethylene vinyl alcohol. Exactech has indicated the secondary barrier layer helps enhance the initial layer’s oxygen resistance.

Exactech explained that, “one of the packaging layers for the plastic insert… may allow oxygen from the air to diffuse into the plastic insert prior to it being implanted in your knee this can lead to a process called oxidation, which can cause the plastic to wear out earlier than expected or to become damaged after it is implanted into the patient’s body.”

Accordingly, the defective knee and ankle replacement devices wear out too soon because of the oxidation caused by the faulty packaging layers.

How Many Exactech Devices Are Recalled?

There are approximately a total of 147,732 inserts implanted in the US since 2004 that were produced with non-conforming packaging.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Defective Exactech Implant?

Potential clients may be suffering from osteolysis (bone loss), loosening, lysis, swelling, difficulty walking, and pain associated with polyethylene wear.

In any event, patients with a recalled device should immediately consult with a medical doctor to discuss options.

What Can I Recover From An Exactech Lawsuit?

Every case is unique, but people who successfully file drug or medical device lawsuits can recover money for some of the following damages:


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