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(Albertville, AL, October 4, 2021) — A woman died when she was trying to rescue a stray dog and was hit by a car on Monday.

The Albertville Police Department shared that the woman, Christina Nicole Green, was a passenger in a northbound vehicle on Highway 431. Around 8:00 PM, Green saw a stray dog in the road. After her vehicle stopped, she got out to attempt to help the dog reach the side of the road safely.

Green crossed the northbound lanes successfully, but she was struck by an oncoming Chevy truck when she stepped onto the southbound lanes of the highway. 

Green died at the scene of the crash. She was 31 years old. 

The police reported no other injuries and continue to investigate this crash involving the woman killed in Albertville, AL dog rescue.

Sources: WKRG

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Unfortunately, auto accidents like this happen around the state of Alabama.

Police must investigate these crashes thoroughly to determine the cause of the accident.

You can also request a copy of the accident report.

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