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If a funeral home commits an unlawful act against you or your loved one, you may want to file a complaint with the Alabama Board of Funeral Services.

The Board regulates funeral homes across the state of Alabama to ensure they are complying with regulations.

If a funeral home breaks the law, the Board can investigate the charges and sanction guilty funeral homes. Sanctions can range from a monetary fines, to probation or even the revocation of licenses.

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File an Online Complaint with the Alabama Funeral Board

The easiest way to file a complaint with the Alabama Funeral Board is to visit their website and fill out the online complaint form.

The form asks for basic information and is easy to fill out. From there the funeral board may contact you for more information and formally mail a complaint to the subject funeral home.

If the Board issues a complaint, the funeral home has to answer it in writing within 20 days. After receipt of the funeral home’s answer (or lapse of 20 days), the Board may conduct an investigation into the charges.

If an investigation is initiated, the Board’s investigator, along with one Board member and/or legal counsel, shall review the evidence obtained to decide if an administrative hearing by the Board is necessary.

File a Complaint with the Board by Mail or Fax

Alternatively, you can file a compalint with the Alabama Funeral Board by faxing or mailing in a Consumer Complaint Form.

Like the online form, the paper form asks for contact information, the indentity of the subject funeral home, and a description of what happened.

You can submit the paper form by mailing or faxing it the following:

Alabama Board of Funeral Services P.O. Box 309522
Montgomery, AL 36130-9522
Fax: 334-353-7988

Contact an Alabama Funeral Home Negligence Lawyer

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