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As Alabama’s second-most populous city, Montgomery has its fair share of dangerous intersections. These intersections are used by tens of thousands of people every day.

But even avoiding these dangerous intersections won’t guarantee your safety on the road. Unfortunately, you can’t control the behavior of those around you.

Today, even the most cautious driver in Montgomery, AL, may get into a car accident through no fault of their own.

However, understanding the dangers these intersections present may keep you safe when you need to use them. 

East Chase Parkway and Taylor Road

The Shoppes at East Chase is an increasingly popular spot for residents and tourists alike.

Offering various retail shops and restaurants, the increased traffic at this intersection has also increased the number of accidents.

Traffic going in and out of The Shoppes often creates unexpected gridlock on East Chase Parkway. Therefore, stay alert when near this intersection. 

I-85 and Taylor Road

Taylor Road offers conveniences for many travelers entering and exiting I-85. For this reason, be aware of distracted and speeding drivers. 

I-85 and Eastern Boulevard 

Eastern Boulevard serves as a major roadway assisting tens of thousands of Montgomery commuters daily, in addition to the hundreds of thousands on the nearby Interstate.

At certain times of the day, such as during rush hour traffic, pay attention to the behavior of drivers around you. 

Troy Highway and Virginia Loop Road 

Serving as a backup for those wishing to enter Taylor Road, the Troy Highway and Virginia Loop Road intersection often sees increased traffic. Be wary: those that attempt to avoid the congestion at Taylor Road may be in a rush and most likely to cause an accident. 

South Boulevard and Woodley Road 

Woodley Road represents one of the only major roads in Montgomery traveling north to south, connecting Montgomery residents to various populous areas within the city.

As a result, South Boulevard receives substantial daily traffic as commuters use it to reach Woodley Road. 

I-85 and Chantilly Parkway 

The intersection of I-85 and Chantilly Parkway has been the scene of many fatal car accidents in Montgomery, Alabama.

Due to the dangerous nature of this intersection, the Alabama Department of Transportation proposed construction to safely accommodate 40,000 daily commuters.

The construction updates also intended to provide for reduced travel times. Despite the recent completion of these renovations, drivers should continue to travel on this intersection with caution. 

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Despite the dangers existing on Montgomery, Alabama roadways today, the attorneys at The Fob James Law Firm understand that necessity often outweighs these concerns.

We know that you must go to work, and driving safely through these dangerous intersections sometimes isn’t enough to protect you from a fatal car accident. 

If you were injured in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, you may have questions. If you suffered injuries, you deserve to recover compensation.

We understand the stress you are under as you try to recover from your injuries and get back to work. 

For over 40 years, the attorneys at The Fob James Law Firm have advocated for victims of injuries. We give you the attention and compassion you deserve after a traumatic car accident.

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