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(Birmingham, AL, Jan. 25, 2021) — On October 6, 2020, a multi-vehicle crash on the I-59/20 and I-65 interchange killed commercial truck driver Charles Eugene Pearce Jr.

Pearce was driving south on I-65 around 5:00 PM on the day of the crash. His truck was hit from the side and sent off the I-65 ramp onto I-59/20. The I-65 ramp is positioned 25 feet above the I-59/20 interchange, and authorities believe the fall’s impact caused Pearce’s death. Authorities pronounced Pearce, a 59-year-old Gulf Shores resident, dead at the scene.

Another driver sustained injuries in the collision; they recovered at an area hospital.

The Birmingham police reported that three other vehicles were involved in the crash in addition to Pearce’s truck. Authorities determined that a white vehicle struck a silver sedan, which then crashed into the semi-truck. Pearce’s vehicle then struck a black SUV.

The white vehicle fled the crash scene, and police have been searching for the vehicle and its driver. In January, the authorities obtained video footage of the crash and determined that the white vehicle was a Nissan Cube. 

The Birmingham police are continuing to ask for the public’s help in this ongoing investigation. Anyone with information is encouraged to call Birmingham’s hit-and-run investigators at 205-254-6555.

Source: AL.com

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