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If you were to try and find the top personal injury lawyer in Birmingham on the internet today, most of the time you will run into websites that list or rank those attorneys without much information.

If my wife or one of my kids were injured by a negligent party—and Fob James Law Firm could not handle—who would I hire to represent them? I would hire one of the attorneys listed below.

We hope that you choose to reach out to us to talk about your case, but even if you choose not to hire our law firm for your case we want to ensure that you find the right legal representation for your case.

These attorneys are in their prime and are obtaining record jury verdicts for their clients right now and likely over the next two decades.

The trial lawyers on the list below are tenacious and have the skill to obtain settlements or verdicts in imperfect cases, i.e., cases without perfect facts, disputed liability, or causation issues. 

Many of the well-known lawyers in Alabama are no longer trying cases and their results were decades ago. The lawyers in the TV ads typically do not actually litigate cases. The trial lawyers on this list are making things happen right now. 

Brett Turnbull

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In my twenties, I lived in Las Vegas and played high stakes No Limit and CAP No Limit Texas Hold’em. When I think of someone on the plaintiff bar that embodies a high-stakes personal injury lawyer—one that can handle trying a 100 million dollar case and not let the stakes or pressure get to him—it is Brett Turnbull. He is fearless and has taken on the biggest cases against the most well-funded companies across the country.  Brett is well known for obtaining a $25 million dollar verdict against Nissan in a high profile brake failure case on behalf of the victims’ family in California. However, if not more impressive, is a $9 million dollar verdict he obtained in Lee County, Alabama (an extremely tough venue) on behalf of the estate of a young woman who died after being negligently prescribed birth control pills that led to the development of a blood clot in her lung. $9 million dollars in a medical malpractice case in Alabama is absolutely massive. Verdicts like these in non-plaintiff-friendly venues are what separates Brett from the field. Brett is also a trail blazer in traumatic brain injury cases. His work in this area has brought a new understanding to what is often a misunderstood, misdiagnosed, and misvalued injury.

Andrew Moak

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I have never personally met Andrew Moak but based on his reputation I would not hesitate in retaining him to represent a family member in a wrongful death or catastrophic injury case. If the plaintiff bar was polled to rank the best trial lawyers in Alabama, I would not be shocked if Andrew was number one. What puts Andrew on the Mount Rushmore of  Alabama trial lawyers is his nuclear verdicts and skill in cases that have “bruises” on them. It is one thing to cherry-pick the “best” cases in good venues; however, it takes a whole lot of skill to obtain record verdicts, like Andrew, with imperfect cases in tough venues. In a recent case in Morgan County, Alabama, a very difficult venue, Andrew and his trial partner Brandon Bishop obtained a stunning $25 million dollar verdict in a disputed liability case pedestrian case against an individual defendant. The defendant’s insurance company denied the claim because Andrew’s client was walking the wrong way on street at night while wearing dark clothing. Andrew and Brandon smartly prosecuted the case on wantonness (recklessness) which negated the defendant’s “contributory negligence” defense.

***UPDATE*** In what I consider the “verdict of 2022” in Alabama, Andrew Moak and Brett Turnbull got a 15 million dollar jury verdict in August on behalf of the estate of a foster child who died after the child was not properly given presription medication by the foster parents and DHS. This case was filed in 2015 and was laden with legal issues (e.g. immunity) and “bruises” as we call them. Andrew and Brett saw it through and got their client an unbelievable verdict. Andrew should be lawyer of the year. Period.

Brandon Bishop

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Brandon Bishop is one of the preeminent trial lawyers in Alabama. After trying dozens of cases for the insurance defense firm Gaines, Gault & Hendrix, Brandon “switched sides” and now represents injury victims for Alexander Shunnarah Trial Attorneys. Brandon has too many impressive verdicts to list in a blog. He often tries cases with Andrew Moak, like the pedestrian case in Morgan County discussed above that resulted in a breathtaking $25 million dollar verdict. What really impresses me about Brandon’s work is his ability to setup insurance companies and excess their asses in disputed liability or tough medical causation cases. One of my favorite cases to read about and study is the one Brandon and Andrew tried in Jefferson County on behalf of a motorcyclist who was hit on the shoulder of the highway after pulling off the roadway. Brandon’s client suffered life altering catastrophic injuries. The insurance company, Progressive, denied liability and offered only $12,500.00 pre-trial. Brandon and Andrew tried the case over four days and lit the defense up with an astonishing and well deserved $18 million dollar verdict.

Nate Vanderveer

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I have worked alongside Nate in a handful of cases and have always found him to be a professional of the highest caliber and a skilled trial lawyer. We are currently litigating a securities fraud case together in Houston County, Alabama on behalf of retirees whose life savings were stolen. The main reason I think Nate is one of the best personal injury attorneys in Birmingham is that he can litigate many different types of plaintiff cases (e.g., car accident, truck accident, defective drug or device, fraud, medical malpractice) even in the most challenging and anti-plaintiff venues. He is also one of just a few attorneys fighting the good fight on medical malpractice cases in Alabama. Most plaintiff firms in Alabama do not handle medical malpractice cases because the law in Alabama makes in virtually impossible for a law firm to be profitable in representing clients in medical malpractice cases. While most people don’t care about the profitability of a law firm, the reality is that when a law firm can’t afford to litigate a certain type of case, that type of case goes away. That is was has largely happened with medical malpractice cases in Alabama but it has not deterred Nate. I have immense respect for Nate and consider him a mentor.

Drew Ashby

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Drew Ashby is based in the Atlanta area but he deserves to be on any top five trial lawyers list regardless of geography. Drew is probably the best product liability lawyer in the country. I think he is the only trial lawyer in the country that has obtained a seven, eight, and nine figure verdict before the age of forty. The defective products cases he takes are hard, expensive, highly technical, and take years to push across the finish line. Very few lawyers have the guts, smarts, and tenacity to prosecute defective product cases like Drew. Take for example a recent verdict where Drew obtained a $200 million dollar verdict on behalf of a family who lost their son due to a defective design in their Malibu boat. Malibu and its defense basically mocked Drew and his client, and it refused to take responsibility for its negligence by paying a fair settlement. Though Drew gave Malibu multiple opportunities to settle, Malibu refused to do so. Drew and his team tried the case and knocked Malibu’s teeth out to the tune of $200 million. Now that is a verdict! Follow Drew Ashby because he is helluva gifted trial lawyer, and he just getting started.

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Fob James

Fob James obtained a B.S., in software engineering from Auburn University and then continued his education by getting his J.D. from Vanderbilt University School of Law. After working for a large regional firm for several years where he obtained awards for both individual and corporate clients, Fob found that his passion was fighting for individuals who have been seriously injured or wronged by others. Fob believes that the jury is the great equalizer to the power and influence that large corporations have in society.